Intimate scenes are often the physically and mentally most challenging ones for actors. Therefore clear communication and consent are two of my essential pillars to establish a mindful environment in which everybody involved feels heard and safeguarded. Honouring individual boundaries by developing choreography based on consent allows actors the space to focus all their capacities on telling the story. These tools applied at the right time contribute a lot to eliminating awkwardness, misinterpretation and last minute surprises throughout the whole process.

Having said this, intimacy coordination is not only about safety. I’m also a creative movement professional gladly pointing out where details might be added to best transform the directors’ vision into visually effective pictures.

My diverse background and rich experience in a wide range of movement concepts, such as stunt, dance, combat and bodywork allow me to support actors in a professional way, in order to accomplish their best possible performance in a safe environment.


COORDINATION of scenes which include...

  • Kissing
  • Body contact
  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • Nudity or semi-nudity
  • Simulated sex
  • Simulated non-consensual sex
  • Coaching for film
  • Coaching for stage
  • Workshops for acting schools