In 2018 I followed the clear call of my heart by expanding my field of activity to Thai Yoga Bodywork (NUAD), a beautiful holistic treatment to balance life energy and enhance personal well-being by working on 10 selected energy lines of the body through the quality of touch. My specialization in body and movement awareness, due to my experience as stuntwoman, dancer and movement coach, turned out to be the perfect foundation for this new chapter.

Hence I created “Studio LiMOTION” (Life is Motion) as a feel-good-space to relax, recharge one’s batteries and balance one’s life energy flow. During the treatment, also known as “passive yoga”, I apply general pressure on specific energy lines and energy points, plus giving certain lines a pleasant stretch.

As a client you let go of daily issues and enter a state of deep relaxation and freedom, while perceiving your breath and body. – Thai Yoga Bodywork is a beautiful journey for both, giver and receiver.




  • 90 min / € 85,00
  • 120 min / € 115,00
  • Treatment blocks:
    • 5 x 90 min / € 410,00
    • 10 x 90 min / € 799,00
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Cornelia Dworak / Studio LiMOTION

  • Mobile: +43 (0) 650 2723446
  • Location: Studio LiMOTION, Hainburger Straße 37/12, 1030 Vienna
  • Metro: U3 Kardinal-Nagl-Platz (exit Keinergasse)


  • Therapeutic Thai Massage “Osteo-Thai Training” (18 hrs, Elisabeth Aue, Vienna /AT, 2019)
  • Nuad Bo Rarn – Northern Style Thai Yoga Massage “Advanced Side Position” (63 hrs, Laurino & Balász / Sunshine Network, Kisnyalka /HU, 2019)
  • Authentic Traditional “Thai Yoga Massage & the 5 Elements”  (50 hrs, Krishnatakis / Sunshine Network, Evia /GR, 2019)
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (70 hrs, Itzhak Helman / Sunshine Network, Vienna /AT, 2019) – as teacher assistant & movement teacher
  • Nuad Bo Rarn – Traditional Thai Massage “Advanced Therapies” (40 hrs, Balász Németh / Sunshine Network, Rozdziele /PL, 2019)
  • Nuad Bo Rarn – Traditional Thai Massage “Hands free” (15 hrs, Balász Németh / Sunshine Network, Kisnyalka /HU, 2018)
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (90 hrs, Itzhak Helman / Sunshine Network, Amsterdam /NL, 2018)
  • Thai Traditional Massage (18 hrs, Chaveevan Vitfan / Lanna Thai Massage School, Chiang Mai /TH, 2004)

Thai Yoga Bodywork treatment helps to harmonize the energy flow of the body and increase personal physical, mental and spiritual well being, it cannot replace medical consultation or diagnosis, physiotherapy or psychotherapy.


(excerpts from ``The Art of Traditional Thai Massage`` by Asokananda)


With its historical roots in India, Thai Massage has been influenced strongly by yoga philosophy which states that life energy (called Prana) is absorbed with the air we breathe and the food we eat. Along a network of energy lines, called Prana Nadis, the human being is then supplied with this vital energy. These energy lines are invisible and cannot be verified anatomically. This multitude of, said to be 72,000 energy lines, form a sort of second body, the “energy body”. Thai massage selected ten main lines, “The 10 Sen”, which cover important acupressure points.


The giving of massage was understood to be a physical application of Metta, the Pali (and Thai) word used in Theravada Buddhism to denote ‘loving kindness’ – and devoted masseurs still work in such a spirit today. A truly good masseur performs his art in a meditative mood. He starts with a meditative prayer, to fully center himself on the work he is about to perform and works with full awareness, mindfulness and concentration.